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The PULSE TerraMetrix system was at CIM Mine Expo 2016 in Vancouver...Read more>>

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BMT WBM’s PULSE TerraMetrix system has evolved from an in depth knowledge of draglines and rope shovels, accumulated from over 40 years of sustained and intimate technical engagement with the open cut mining industry. This knowledge has enabled our development team to expand and develop our technology rapidly and innovatively, exceeding client site expectations and needs.

Our Mission is to support open cut mining operations with accurate quantifiable production data captured in real time.

Our Scientists and Engineers have excelled as technical experts in industry and provide the foundation for the creative technical synthesis of these products in achieving our vision for an integrated fleet asset management system. Strategic fleet management is necessary if production, maintenance and training staff are to satisfy the demanding production schedules required in a competitive mining market.

Real time data is provided to the machine operator in a concise and relevant format, allowing strategic operating practices to be implemented. Such practices have proven to increase overall productivity and reduce machine maintenance.

Integration of this capability with production and mine planning departments provides a powerful asset management tool enhancing the overall the overall performance of the operation.

The PULSE TerraMetrix System integrates Dragline and Shovel Fleet Health, Productivity and Payload reporting with a central database server. Advanced server diagnostic tools are provided to allow ease of access and interpretation of the data. BMT WBM is committed to continually develop and refine these tools to support the needs of our expanding client base.


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