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Shovel Payload Monitoring in Australian Mining Monthly :

The April 2016 issue of Australian Mining Monthly features an article on the benefits of shovel based payload monitoring...Read more>>

PulseTerraMetrix at MINEXPO

The PULSE TerraMetrix system was at CIM Mine Expo 2016 in Vancouver...Read more>>

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With over 40 years of experience, BMT WBM has built a strong global presence working with mining companies that operate and acquire a diverse range of mining and mineral processing machinery. BMT WBM, has offices in Australia, Denver USA and Vancouver Canada. BMT WBM is a subsidiary of BMT Group Ltd.

BMT WBM provides advanced services to the mining industry in forensic engineering, stress measurement and analysis, design audits, and advanced simulation (FEA and CFD). These services are complemented by our thorough theoretical and practical knowledge of the fatigue life of welded structures typically applied in the mining industry. The combination of these skills has allowed BMT WBM to develop specialized structural modifications to address problematic or chronic regions of fatigue failure, as well as to act on behalf of the mining industry in discussions with OEMs regarding these failures.

The aspect of machine damage, in particular operating practices which promote higher maintenance effort has been a central focus of BMT WBM’s technical efforts. BMT WBM identified, developed and installed health monitoring equipment on a dragline in Australia in the early 1980’s. More recently, BMT WBM has developed and installed health monitoring equipment on draglines and shovels in North America, with approximately 50 installations currently operating worldwide. By providing operator feedback on a real time basis, sites using this technology have reported lower levels of machine maintenance. This is as a result of increased operator awareness, as well as increased levels of operator training as directed by the health monitoring system


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