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Health Monitoring

PULSE TerraMetrix DL Operator Screen Shot
  • Continuous fatigue stress calculations, comparison to acceptable levels
  • Statistical stress information – max, min, mean, etc., comparison to acceptable levels
  • "Event" alarms based on known poor operating practices allowing simple to understand training.
  • Differentiation of side loading events and excessive payload events
  • Inertial swing rate detection vs. structural stress.
  • Pad grade detection and monitoring of pitch/roll/swing angles vs. structural stress.
  • Email/Text alert notifications based on configurable parameters (i.e - "DL99 has sustained more than the allowable number or Design Alarms in the last 15 minutes")

Health Protection

  • Finite Element Model (FEM) driven inspection planning
  • FEM driven tight-line verification
  • FEM and Fracture Mechanics based crack propagation tools for estimating severity and risk of continued operation with structural flaw (cracks)

Production Monitoring

  • Advanced payload measurement using system strain gauges calibrated with highly accurate load cells.
  • GPS machine location and heading, dig and dump locations
  • Down time, dig times, swing times, cycle times, propel times, etc.
  • Operator Logins, crew schedules, delay codes
  • KPI’s such as buckets per operating hour, Tons per operating hour, Utilization, %RSL (average and instantaneous), Overall Dragline Effectiveness, Operator Effectiveness and others.
  • Advanced cycle counting algorithm with false bucket rejection.
  • Email/Text alert notifications based on configurable parameters (i.e - "DL99 has stopped operations with less than 5 buckets in the last 30 minutes")

Operator Interface

  • Real-time Human Machine Interface (HMI) for operator feedback
  • Operator login and delay code entry
  • Relevant information presented to operators, management KPI’s reserved for dashboards.
  • Training videos available on-demand to operators

Centralized Information

Web-based PULSE TerraMetrixDataCenter available on the mine network to provide data portal and analysis capability, including

  • Fleet Manager
  • Mine Plan Manager
  • Machine Specific Dashboards
  • Real-time views of the operator’s HMI
  • Graphical, historical database querying and planning tools based on industry standard MS-SQL platform
  • Training documentation, Report Archives
  • Daily distributed reports
PULSE TerraMetrix Shift Report for Dragline

PULSE TerraMetrix Shift Report 2 for Dragline


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