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The PULSE TerraMetrixRS Shovel Management System was developed to address the accuracy issues commonly associated with shovel based payload monitoring systems.

Unlike other payload monitoring systems which rely on electrical parameter measurements to approximate the payload as a quasi-static process, the PULSE TerraMetrixRS system employs a loadcell to directly measure the inertial and dynamic loads applied to the dipper.

As a result, accurate payload measurement is maintained even under severe dynamic loading conditions. Calibration trials completed at several mine sites in North America have confirmed that the PULSE TerraMetrixRS system repeatedly achieves accuracy levels exceeding industry norms. Proof of calibration data is available on request.

The PULSE TerraMetrixRS system displays the real time payload immediately the dipper exits the bank at the start of the swing cycle. This information allows the operator to discard the load if a truck overload event is likely.

The net payload displayed by the system allows the operator to employ smart loading strategies : if the truck is under loaded by more than ½ a dipper load then an additional pass can be executed to achieve the target load.

With this ability, truck dispatch can be initiated by the shovel operator when the target load is achieved. Although truck dispatch has been introduced based on truck weightometers, due to strut friction, truck weightometers are not sufficiently accurate to implement this form of strategic loading control at the shovel in real time.. Truck weightometers only achieve sufficient accuracy (if well maintained) once the truck has travelled some distance away from the shovel and the strut friction effects have dissipated.


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