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Technical Specifications


  • System connects to the main 120/240V supply and conditioned to supply instrumentation at 24V, 12V, 9V, and 5V.
  • The system’s rugged hardware architecture includes hot swappable I/O modules, a reconfigurable field-programmable gate array (FPGA) chassis, and an embedded controller. Rated from -40C to 70C.
  • Robust poly-urethane cabling with positive locking connectors are used for all cables.
  • Advanced sensor installations that have proven to last many years in service.
  • Hardware is configured with quick disconnects allowing for rapid modular interchange of components.
  • Telemetry system on the bail is configured with a 24bit 900 MHz digital radio
  • Bail box battery pack is easily removed and replaced and has a 12 month capacity (rated to -60C).


  • Overall system accuracy in any loading configuration exceeds industry norms. Proof of calibration data available on request


  • Software is custom written by OEM certified developers, version controlled, and can often be tailored to meet each sites’ individual needs.
  • Fast, low-bandwidth TCPIP data streams between the controller and other devices.
  • If the mine network is interrupted, all data is maintained onboard the shovel and automatically transmitted to the server when it recovers.
  • System software updates automatically deployed to all systems on the site.


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