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The PULSE TerraMetrixSentry system enhances operator awareness of mobile equipment within the operating proximity of the shovel or dragline.

The Sentry system comprises of a small 900 MHz RF module installed on the mobile equipment. A low cost version deploys a standard GPS receiver (+-2.5 m accuracy), continuously tracking the vehicle location, heading and velocity. This module contains onboard intelligence capable of calculating the distance between the mobile equipment and base station located on the shovel/dragline.

A base station located on the shovel or dragline sends a polling signal every 5 seconds, transmitting the shovel/dragline location and permissible proximity envelope. All systems within a this proximity envelop (typically 500 m) respond with their location, heading and, velocity and vehicle identification tag.

The system is robust and independent of the mines mesh radio or 3G network, providing for reliable and rapid data transmission between the mobile equipment and the shovel/dragline at all times.

The Sentry produt is fully supported by the PULSE TerraMetrixDL and PULSE TerraMetrixRS products for Draglines and Shovels, and vehicles identified to fall within allowable proximity envelop are automatically presented on the operators screen.

The system is directly compatible with PULSE TerraMetrix supporting products, including:

PULSE TerraMetrixDL – Health, Payload and Production Management for Draglines
PULSE TerraMetrixRS – Health, Payload and Production Management for Rope Shovels
PULSE TerraMetrixEX – Health, Payload and Production Management for Hydraulic Excavators
PULSE TerraMetrixVision – Lidar Terrain Scanning


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