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PulseTerraMetrix at MINEXPO

The PULSE TerraMetrix system was at CIM Mine Expo 2016 in Vancouver...Read more>>

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The Solution

The PULSE TerraMetrix system provides intelligent health, payload and production management on dragline and shovel fleets.

The PULSE TerraMetrix system integrates direct stress measurement and cycle timing techniques to define operating and production KPI’s which supplement both production and maintenance needs. Stress measurement at select locations provides the basis for capturing damaging events, quantifying the effective fatigue loading on the machine caused by operator influence or digging condition.

Both the rope shovel and dragline systems deploy a payload measurement capability which surpasses the accuracy of traditional electrical parameter methods.

The PTM provides mining personnel with a unique opportunity to actively manage the maintenance and production of an open cut mining fleet, whether it consists of draglines, shovels, or a combination of both.


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