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Solutions Overview

The PULSE TerraMetrix system has been designed to provide accurate, relevant real-time data to machine operator’s, maintenance, production and management staff. By achieving this, production targets can be met and exceeded and maintenance reduced.

Data relevant to a machine operator is different to the data that production, maintenance or management staff requires. The PULSE TerraMetrix system clearly recognizes the importance of this difference and consequently the HMI located in the operators cab has been purposely tailored to provide only relevant operator data.

The PULSE TerraMetrix system for Draglines and Shovels acknowledges the importance of an operator’s role in the strategic management of machine health and productivity. As a result, payload information on the rope shovel system is displayed real-time, initially as an estimate when the dipper breaks the bank, allowing the operator to consistently right load the truck fleet.

The PULSE TerraMetrix System integrates dragline and shovel fleet Health, Productivity and Payload reporting through a central data base server, facilitating detailed analysis by maintenance, production or management staff. This allows staff to rapidly obtain real-time information regarding the operating status of each machine in the fleet, as well as maintenance and productivity related KPI’s.

Advanced server based diagnostic tools are provided to allow ease of access and interpretation of the data. These tools are continually developed and updated as our client base expands and more sophisticated methodologies are identified and implemented.

The PULSE TerraMetrix system is compatible with any Rope Shovel or Dragline , and data feeds and displays can be integrated with any vendor’s fleet dispatch management system.

The PULSE TerraMetrix system is a standalone system, isolated from the machines drive and plc systems. The instrumentation is hardened and has successfully operated in the harshest mining environments on earth, through an Alberta oil sands winter, to the high heat of Chilean Atacama desert.

The PULSE TerraMetrix system has achieved our key Mission to provide machine operator’s, maintenance, production and management staff with accurate, relevant real-time data so that demanding maintenance and production targets can be met and exceeded.


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