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The PULSE TerraMetrixVision system provides 3D Lidar based scanning system for mining equipment.

PULSE TerraMetrixVision supports an accurate multiple time of flight long range Lidar. This is mounted in a weather proof enclosure with vibration isolation. The Lidar is interfaced with a high precision GPS system providing accurate location and heading information. The data is analyzed to create a three dimensional point cloud of the bank profile or terrain.

The PULSE TerraMetrixVision system can be deployed on Draglines, Rope Shovels and Hydraulic Excavators in a stand alone configuration or coupled to the DL, RS, EX products for Draglines, Rope Shovels and Hydraulic Excavators.

Coupled with the analysis capability of the PULSE TerraMetrixDataCenter, the mine plan can be automatically deployed over the mines mesh network, and displayed on the HMI to provide the operator with machine positioning and direct visual information regarding the mine plane and the current state of the terrain.

A cross sectional view automatically provides the actual bank cross section overlaid on the mine plan cross section. In addition, machine distance to the mine plan toe and crest is displayed real time.

The point cloud of the terrain is continually updated during the course of the shift and uploaded to the DataCenter at the end of each shift. This allows production personnel to assess the terrain as mined compared to the mine plan.

The system currently addresses payload measurement and is directly compatible with PULSE TerraMetrix supporting products, including:

PULSE TerraMetrixDL – Health, Payload and Production Management for Draglines
PULSE TerraMetrixRS – Health, Payload and Production Management for Rope Shovels
PULSE TerraMetrixEX – Health, Payload and Production Management for Hydraulic Excavators
PULSE TerraMetrixSentry – Operator Awareness
PULSE TerraMetrixDataCenter – Web based fleet analysis software

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